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Surf pools and Aquatic Attractions

Our Vision and Goal

We aim to spread the sport of surfing through innovative technologies and strategic partnerships with the goal of creating new opportunities for people, families, and most importantly... the groms! Not only to learn the sport, but also provide the opportunity to fall in love with the culture, experience and the adventure lifestyle of chasing the perfect waves around the world!

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Residential Micro Surf Pools

If you’re looking for experienced Surf Pool Consultants for your next development, We are the company to call. We explain every step in the process to you to ensure you always stay on top of your goals and timelines. Call today for your free consultation.

Commercial and Custom Pool Design

We have studied and developed multiple strategies and technologies to provide a vast range of customization for your specific needs of the project. With world wide support form our vendors, we can offer strategic solutions for any surf park or surf pool project. We offer this service at an extremely competitive rate while not compromising on a quality finish.

Other Aquatic Attractions

There are many different types of projects and applications that our technology adds value to. Do you want to upgrade a lazy river to house a swell? Do you want shore break for skim-boarding? Do you want an epic pirate cannon battle? Call for a free consultation today!

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Project Portfolio

Research and Development

The Begging of the Technology and first recorded tests of raw power and size!

This is the "Wave Cannon" first full scale prototype testing

Reef work, chop mitigation, and a complex generator making our first clean right!

This is the "Set Wave System" producing a set of waves then a reload and calming phase.

Split peek reef

This 3 foot wave focuses on a mellow split peak with heavy shoulders the ideal wave for groms and beginners!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you make a wave or what is your frequency per hour?

The system uses advanced pneumatics. Once the system is charged and on, it will instant or very rapidly re-charge from a reserve air supply during operations. Higher frequency requires larger compressor units or more of them, any demand on frequency can be met.

How Much does it cost to build a surf pool?

This is a packed question with a lot of details that go into this number and every state and country has different soft and hard costs associated with a surf pool project. Our generators cost roughly per chamber so after an initial conversation of location and design we can accurately price and place bids for the project. 

Example: Ecuador, South America- Residential $50,000.00, Commercial $300,000.00  

Arizona, residential $150,000.00, Commercial $450,000.00

Rough costs - We price shop every part local and whats available to assure a controlled cost for your project and adjust price accordingly. 

Whats the size and dimensions of your wave pools?

Our Smallest scale would be for a 2 foot beach break featuring small lefts or rights for 3-5 sec rides. These would fit most suburban residential homes. Sky is the limit when we scale up, lakes, coves, micro breaks. Every project seems to vary in size and scale to fit the location.

How long of a ride can you provide?

We offer multiple swell generators that can meet the demand of any project. We do have a few pre-packaged surf pool designs to give our clients a representation and starting point to discuss a budget on the pool and how much space we will need to meet the projects demands for ride time. After the initial conversation of location and budget accurate ride time can be calculated to assure expectations are met.

How do I become a strategic partner?

We are all about spreading the sport of surfing! We have need for dedicated individuals who aim to do the same! If this sounds like you or if your would like to be involved here at the swell please contact us with some brief descriptions and we will set up a specific meeting for you.

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