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Micro residential pools

Thinking about choosing to go with a surf pool instead of the traditional pool? Our surf pools offer your gated community or housing track new options of relaxation. No longer are the days that beach front property is only on the coast. We bring the sport, culture, and family environments that will help drive new life into the suburban communities! 

Custom & Commercial Pool Design

Our commercial surf pool applications offer new options with low cost solutions. Do you have a lake cove you wish to convert? A already existing hotel to add an attraction to? A real estate development that you want to make unique? Look no further our surf pool technologies offer massive amounts of added value to your project!

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Other Aquatic Attractions

We offer a vast range of advanced pneumatic technologies to add value to your project! From pirate battles to majestic fountains our design team can add a unique attraction to your water park, splash pad, or venues to keep the customers coming back for more high action full contact fun in the sun!

Real Estate and Project Development

We are dedicated to spreading the sport of surfing every way we can. Working closely with our clients from start to finish! if you are just starting your venture or if you already have a project you would like to plug our designs into we are here to help. We assist with park planning, demographic studies, field testing and much more. We love working with people and especially Surfers! Get in touch with us today!

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